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Dr. Carter O. Abbott

Dr. Carter Abbott, MD and the staff of Omaha Med Spa offer a range of Nonsurgical Cosmetic options to help you look more youthful.  Aesthetics is what we do!  At Omaha Med Spa you will find professional staff that are knowledgeable and service oriented.  When you are at Omaha Med Spa, you are our guest, and we want you to feel comfortable and welcome!  Dr. Abbott’s staff include his wife Lenore.

Our services include Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse, Pelleve, Acne Scar Therapy, Sclerotherapy, Testosterone Replacement and The OWL Diet. Dr. Abbott is a licensed medical doctor who not only owns Omaha Med Spa, he works there full time and dedicates all of his professional time to aesthetics!

Botox safely eases lines and wrinkles.

Juvederm XC and Radiesse will add volume to folds, deep lines, and will redefine your lips.  Voluma is the latest filler to receive FDA approval, and is used primarily in the cheeks to gently lift and recreate an attractive curvature to the cheek bone.

Patient Review – I would recommend Omaha Med Spa for the special treatment of you!  Not only is the Med Spa offering a variety of cosmetic services, but also limited health services.  The staff are accommodating and very interested in you and your health.  They make you feel welcome and will do all they can to make your visit relaxing and informational.  They truly are interested in you, your spa desires and achieving the best possible outcome from the service you select.  It is so nice to walk into a place and be greeted by warm, wonderful smiles.  Thank you!  C.Z. 53yo woman

Sclerotherapy will eliminate spider veins on the legs.

Pelleve is a revolutionary new way to achieve smoother, tighter skin…FDA approved to treat facial wrinkles without surgery!  Pelleve treatments are painless, with no downtime.  Results are seen the same day, and further benefits accrue over the next several months!  Attend for a free consultation to learn more about Pelleve.

Now Acne Scar Treatments can be treated at a price point that is affordable for everyone!  Procedures are performed in the med spa after use of topical numbing creams.  Downtime is limited to only 2 days.  Read my web page for more details

Patient Review - I have been a dedicated patient of Omaha Med Spa for years.  Dr. Abbott and his staff have made every visit an outstanding experience for me.  The services offered at Omaha Med Spa are ultimately a way to feel better about yourself, become a healthier person and live a lifesytle that brings being beautiful full circle.  That is what Dr. Abbott has done for me.  I appreciate walking into an atmosphere where the experience is concentrated on giving the patient the best possible care in the industry.  I can honestly say Omaha Med Spa is my only choice for improving the person I am within and feeling a sense of accomplishment by the time I leave.  The staff make me feel comfortable and are truly interested in my personal goals. Dr. Abbott’s knowledge of the industry and his constant drive to improve on procedures with cutting edge technology and chemistry is something as a patient I am proud to be a part of.  When I receive compliments of looking 10 years younger, it reinforces the fact that I have made the right decision in choosing the best med spa. L.S. 44yo woman

The OWL Diet - written by Carter O. Abbott MD

The OWL Diet offers medical grade weight loss – we see an average weight loss of 15-20 pounds per month.  Dr. Abbott has literally written the book, called The OWL Diet, on Low Calorie Dieting, accompanied by either Hcg, Phentemine or both.  OWL stands for Omaha Weight Loss, and is the result of helping hundreds of men and women achieve permanent weight lossSign up with a Friend and Save $100 on Your First Month of The OWL Diet!

Learn More about The OWL Diet – go to

Patient Review - I have been nothing but extremely pleased with Dr. Abbott and the rest of the Omaha Med Spa family.  I was referred by a friend who was very happy and I was impressed by Dr. Abbott’s background and experience.  I started with “Dr. Carter” when turning 35, at a time when I was worried about wrinkles and preventative care.  Through his services and recommendations I look better than I have in years!  I also completed 2 month on The OWL Diet, lost 30 pounds to reach my goal, and feel wonderful.  The Diet taught me how to keep the weight off permanently, and I know that I have achieved lifelong control over my weight.  I have recommended Dr. Abbott to many of my friends – because I trust him! M.H. 36yo woman

Dr. Abbott has selected Medical Grade Skin Care Products that are affordable and effective.  He will help you choose from a combination of his own Omaha Med Spa Skin Care Line, Epionce and Revision.  Combine them with a choice of Retinoids and Vitamin C serum or silky smooth topicals.  Use Clarisonic Mia to cleanse the skin, ease fine lines and wrinkles and reduce Rosacea.

Anti-oxidant serum

Our Chemical Peels include target a variety of goals – ranging from improved skin texture, lessening brown spots and easing of lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Abbott also performs Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy for surface lesions such as warts, pigmented sun damaged, and actinic keratosis.  For skin tags and other lesions, he performs Electrosurgery in the med spa.

We do not bill your health insurance company for office visits or treatments, as all of our services and products are for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes.  We also do not bill Medicare, Medicaid or any insurance carriers.  Payment is made directly by our patients on the day of service – we accept Cash, Check, Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).  We do not accept Care Credit.

If you spend $500 or more on the same day (for service, treatments or products)* then you qualify to use Interest Free Financing.  You would sign a legally binding Finance Agreement that allows for automatic withdrawals from your Credit/Debit Card Account.  50% is payable on the day of your visit, then 25% in 30 days, and 25% in 60 days.  Please note that Finance Agreements may not be cancelled and no refunds are permitted.  Overdue accounts are charged interest at the rate of 2% per month, and accounts that remain unpaid for 6 months will go to an Account Recovery Service.  *The OWL Diet has special Financing option – read about them on the web page for The OWL Diet

We look forward to working with you!

We are located at 14450 Eagle Run Drive, one block south of Maple, and beside the BLUE sushi restaurant and Lotus Yoga.  Call us at Phone 402 614 5556.  Email your questions to us at, or reach Lenore at

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