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Before and After Botox to the forehead

Patient Review - “I have been going to Omaha Med Spa for 3 years, and I trully enjoy my services I receive there.  I was referred by a friend, after receiving unpleasant results elsewhere.  The Abbott’s are a very friendly husband and wife team.  When I call for an appointment, they always get me in quickly.  Dr. Abbott is very helpful, kind and is very good with the needle.  I leave every time with a higher self-esteem and never go home with bruises or ‘down-time’.  The Omaha Med Spa is a very relaxing and clean environment – I leave happy and refreshed.  Thank you Dr. Abbott – I will not go anywhere else!”  C.S. woman, age 43

You will receive Brilliant Distinction Points for every time you use 20 or more units


Free Consultation

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During your free consultation, Dr. Abbott or Amy will visit with you to ensure that the outcome of your treatment matches your Goals, Expectations and Budget.  At this visit, we will review your medical history, educate you on how Botox works and it’s lengthy safety record when used to treat facial wrinkles.  You will be provided with a personalized treatment plan, and the cost of treatment.  If you decide against treatment – there is no charge.

Botox Cosmetic is very safe when used properly for facial aesthetics.  We use a lot of Botox!  We have over 10 years of cumulative experience.  You can trust us to offer fair pricing and excellent results!

What you can expect from Botox:

Minimal discomfort as the injections are small insulin sized needles.  Multiple injections are needed, and the number of injections varies by treatment area, and the pattern of your wrinkles.  The injected area will be red and slightly swollen for several minutes – but by the time you leave the med spa it will have resolved.  A small amount of bleeding may occur, and the risk of bruising is low.  If a bruise does occur, it is often the size of a pinhead and no larger than an eraserhead.   We allow application of makeup right away, so any small bruises are easy to conceal.

Botox typically takes 3-7 days to start to work.  I works by blocking the nerve endings to the muscle.  By relaxing the muscle, small lines and wrinkles soften or disappear altogether.  The maximum relaxation is usually seen after 1-2 weeks.  The benefit of Botox lasts an average of 3-4 months (with a range of 2-9 months)- each person is different.  When Botox wears off, the wrinkles will return, but they are not worse.

Dr. Abbott’s goal is to achieve a more youthful, relaxed look with Botox.  In other words – most people who are your friends, family and co-workers will notice a difference, but not know what you have had done.  They will think you are looking more rested and relaxed.  Our goal is to preserve facial expression – and avoid the “frozen face” or “startled look”.

Before and After Botox

Patient Review - “I had just had Botox for my migraines and the neurologist had really given me a heavy brow.  My eyelids were drooping, I could not look up, and I just felt that I looked terrible.  I saw Dr. Abbott, and he was able to ‘fix my face’.  I was so impressed with the time he took to listen.  I came back 3 months later to have him treat my migraines with Botox.  It has been almost a week, and no migraines at all!  Plus – everything looks great!  I look in the mirror and am finally happy with what I see, and how I feel.  I am impressed with the kind staff, and have recommended Omaha Med Spa to my friends.  Thank you for what you have done for me.”  K.N. woman, age 30

It is very important to assess the upper brow, as some of us develop a heavy brow that drops over the upper eyelid.  Botox needs to be carefully performed in the forehead to avoid a side effect of a “heavier brow”.  Botox placement into the muscles around the eye, at the outer end of each eyebrow may offset this risk, and contributes to a lift of the brow – we call it a “chemical brow lift.”

The next patient’s photos are of more mature face, with similar relaxation of the frown lines, and forehead lines.  Click over the picture to enlarge the photo.

The photos of the side of her eyes shows the benefit of BT’s to treat “crow’s feet”.


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Patient Review - “I have used Omaha Med Spa for Botox and The OWL Diet.  I love how easy appointments are to schedule and how flexible they are.  I have 3 kids so I am always having to move my dates and they are always so nice about my busy schedule.  I did get Botox at another med spa in Omaha, and was very unhappy with the results.  Dr. Abbott listened to my concerns and worked with me so I got the results I was looking for.”  A.C. woman, age 41

Other uses of BT’s on the face include treatment of “gummy smile”, ptosis of the oral commissure (drooping of the corner of the lips), relaxing of vertical lip lines (“smoker’s lines”), and relaxation of the mentalis muscle of the chin  (“golf ball chin” or what we call “peau d’ orange”).

Gummy Smile before Botox

Gummy Smile After Botox

Botox is measured in “units”.  When we order Botox it arrives in sterile vials that need to be reconstituted (turned into a liquid form) prior to injection.  Patients receiving Botox should be told what you are being charged “per unit” and how many units are injected.  The conversion of units between products (ie Botox to Dysport) may be confusing for patients.

Pricing varies between offices and med spas.  Price variations also occur based on whether the service is performed by a doctor, nurse or midlevel provider (PA or NP).

Botox Pricing at Omaha Med Spa


50 or more units at $9.50/unit

40-49 units at $10/unit

up to 39 units at $11/unit

There are 5 ways to Save Money on Botox at Omaha Med Spa

#1  we enroll you in a free rewards program called Brilliant Distinctions.  At every visit you will earn points, that save you money instantly at your next visit

#2 Refer a Friend rewards – If someone comes to Omaha Med Spa on your recommendation and receives Botox you get a $50 Reward to use for your next treatment

#3  Buy at least 50 units to get the best price of $9.50 per unit – use what you need and bank the rest up for your future visits

#4  Write a Review – tell us how we are doing – write an honest review on for Omaha Med Spa – let us know when it is posted and we will place a $50 Gift Certificate in your chart – use it for any of our products and services

#5  Take advantage of our Interest Free Financing – for example – if you spend $500 at one visit, pay only $250 that day, then $125 in 30 days and $125 in 60 days – with this plan your Botox is paid up in full before it wears off

Enroll online for Botox Rebates from the manufactuer at the “Brilliant Distinctions” website and earn BD Points that convert to Rebates that may be used at your next visit for Botox.

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Patient Review“The staff and doctor are all friendly and informative.  The procedure was virtually painless and effective with great results.  I highly recommend.”  A.H. woman, age 43

Frowning before Botox


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