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 Save $100  on Your First Two Months of OWL Diet participation (Reg Price $850)  Special Price:  $750

When did The OWL Diet start?  Dr. Abbott developed The OWL Diet (Omaha Weight Loss Diet) in 2008 so that he and his wife Lenore could lose weight quickly, safely and keep it off permanently.  It worked!  They both lost weight and have kept it off for several years. 

What is The OWL Diet?  The OWL Diet is a calorie reduced diet that provides 3 meals per day with snacks between meals.  We want you to stay well hydrated, but also have realistic provisions for use of caffeine, diet soda pop and even alcoholic beverages.  This is combined with mild to moderate physical activity.

Video – Dr. Abbott describes an overview of The OWL Diet plan

What makes The OWL Diet different?  People want to lose weight quickly, but do it in a safe fashion.  By working with a health care provider who offers The OWL Diet program you benefit from the opportunity to combine prescription medication that helps with hunger control and promotes fat burning.  We also see you weekly for medical monitoring, support and encouragement.  This is what a medical weight loss program is all about!

Video of Dr. Abbott – Use of Prescription Medication on The OWL Diet

What are your results?  How much weight can I lose?  The average women who follows The OWL Diet protocol loses an average of 15 pounds per month.  The average male loses 22 pounds the first month, and 20 pounds per month on average.  The OWL Diet has helped people lose over 100 pounds, and keep it off permanently.

Video of Dr. Abbott – Live Food Demonstration on CBS Show The Morning Blend

Is The OWL Diet easy to follow?  Dr. Abbott believes that dieting is never easy!  To be successful, you have to be willing to commit, focus and sacrifice.  The beauty of The OWL Diet plan is that you are rewarded for your sacrifice!  The OWL Diet plan works. 

What is the maintenance plan?  One of the keys of The OWL Diet’s success is that it promotes healthy eating.  We do not sell you milkshakes or prepackaged food.  We teach you how to shop for the right foods, prepare them in healthy ways for you and to maintain those healthy food habits for the rest of your life.  That is the key to permanent weight loss.

Video of Dr. Abbott – Keeping the Weight Off Permanently

What are the prescription medications that you offer?  The OWL Diet currently offers low dose Hcg shots or transdermal cream, B-12 injections, Phentermine, Topiramate and Testosterone.  Dr. Abbott will determine which combination of prescription medications is right for you, after he reviews your medical history.

How much does The OWL Diet cost?  The cost of medically supervised care is never cheap!  Dr. Abbott has worked hard to keep The OWL Diet plan at a cost that anyone can afford it.  How can you place a value on your health?  But in the end, the plan has to be affordable.

How long do people stay on The OWL Diet?  Our average participant needs to lose about 50 pounds.  This means that most people need at least 2 months on the plan.  We encourage most people to make a 2 month commitment.  It truly takes 2 months to learn healthy eating habits.

Here are you pricing options 

All pricing options include:

  • Initial Consultation with Dr. Abbott
  • Education on the diet plan, training on the proper use of prescription medication
  • Weekly med spa visits with OWL Diet trained nurses and medical assistants for weigh-in, monitoring, coaching and support
  • Use of prescription Hcg shots or Hcg transdermal cream applied to the forearm for 4 weeks
  • Injectable Vitamin B-12
  • The OWL Pak – daily vitamin packets containing required vitamins and supplements
  • A copy of Dr. Abbott’s  book – The OWL Diet, with 2013 Diet Revisions

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One Month  $500 covers the cost of all of the above for 4 weeks  Interest Free Financing - $350 at first visit, $75 in 3 weeks and $75 in 6 weeks

Two Months  Save $100 on 2 months of participation!$750 covers the cost for 8 weeks.  Interest Free Financing Available for 2 Month Commitment  - you pay $350 at the first visit, $200 in 3 weeks and $200 in 6 weeks

Additional Months  $350

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One Month  Each person pays $400 for 4 weeks  Each person Saves $100

Two Months  Each person pays $700 for 8 weeks  Each person Saves $150 – Interest Free Financing - each person pays $350 at the first visit, $175 in 3 weeks and $175 in 6 weeks

Consultations are Free – Participation is Optional!  If you are ready to get serious about weight loss, and lose the weight once and for all – then please call us.  We can help you.

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“We lost a total of 40 pounds between the 2 of us – You can too!” Carter Abbott MD and his wife Lenore
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