At Omaha Med Spa we perform MicroDermabrasion by DermaFile.

This is a great value for only $95.  DermaFiles are provided by our trained staff.  No pain, no down-time.  Your face will look better the same day.  We are a non-tipping facility, so the $95 covers the full cost of your visit.  Plan on being at Omaha Med Spa for about one hour for each visit.  Repeat DermaFile every month for ongoing antiaging benefits.

Here are the benefits:  Stimulation of collagen to ease fine lines and wrinkles,  removal of outer cell layers of skin to reveal younger healthier skin,  same day polished and smoother skin, further light exfoliation over several days is possible, accelerated skin cell turnover.  Some patients report easing of fine acne scars and brown spots when DermaFile is repeated monthly over a longer period of time.

Cleansing with Clarisonic Pro

Here is what happens during your visit:  We schedule you in for 1 hour with a physician trained staff.  You will change into a spa robe and rest under a sheet on a comfortable table.  The lights may be dimmed for your relaxation, and soft music is played in the background.  Makeup is removed from your face.  The Clarisonic Pro face brush is used to thoroughly clean your skin and pores.  Your eyes are protected with moistened Eye Rescue Pads containing a blend of teas to reduce puffiness and sooth tired eyes.  The Nurse Facialist chooses the correct DermaFile based on your skin type and response to previous DermaFile treatment.  The files are diamond plated and moved across your entire face by hand movement.  DermaFile is used on the nose, cheeks, chin, upper lip and forehead.  There is no pain with DermaFile treatments.  The next step is to wrap a cool moist towel over the face for 3 minutes – this helps calm any redness from the treatment.  The facialist then prepares a Calamine Mask that is applied to the face by fan brush.  The mask sets – allowing a further calming and firming of the skin.  After 5 minutes the mask is removed.  We then apply Vitamin C Gel for antioxidant protection, followed by a Skin Recovery Cream.  Eye renewal cream is used around the eyes.  Finally a sunscreen is applied.

DermaFiling of skin by hand

The Cost for One DermaFile is $95.

A package of 3 DermaFiles costs $250.  We do not accept “tips” from our patients.

Repeat DermaFile treatments every 2-4 weeks for optimal results.  DermaFile is safe with pregnancy.  Discontinue use of tretinoins (such as Retin-A, Renova and Refissa) and Retinols 3 days prior to DermaFile.

Calming the skin with cool towel

Home Care Instructions:  Always wear sun screen every morning, but this is especially important for the first few days after a DermaFile.  You may be more sensitive to sun exposure for a few days after treatment.  You may resume the use of normal skin care products the next day.  You may also resume the use of makeup and cosmetics the next day.  Chemical Peels may be performed after one week.

Application of Calamine mask

Do not have DermaFile performed if:  1.  You are taking strong blood thinners such as Coumadin or Plavix, or are on Accutane.  2.  You have an active skin infection of the face (such as severe acne, cold sores or viral warts).  3.  You have an impaired immune system.

Calamine mask sets

Side effects of DermaFile include:  1.  Redness that may last up to 24 hours.  2.  Further light peeling of the skin may occur for several days.  3.  Aggravation of cold sores.

Our DermaFiles are heat and steam autoclaved (sterilized) after each treatment.  Clarisonic brush heads are thoroughly washed between client visits, and the Facialist wears Nitrile powder free gloves during the service.  There is no exposure to latex products.

The finished look - smooth, polished skin

To schedule a DermaFile phone us at 402-614-5556 or email us at omahamedspa@gmail.com


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