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Testosterone is naturally produced by both men and women.  Normal testosterone levels are important for the following:

Maintaining normal energy levels, mental function such as memory, stability of moods, preservation of libido (sex drive) and sexual performance (erections, orgasm and climax).

Testosterone levels in men and women start to decline in their 30’s, leading to symptoms of testosterone deficiency.

Click on the following Word Document and complete my Questionnare  of “Symptoms that may be a sign of Low Testosterone”:

Omaha Med Spa – Testosterone Questionnaire

If you feel you are suffering from Low Testosterone – I have a safe solution to help you!

We offer Bio-identical testosterone – meaning the testosterone that we use is an exact copy of what your body naturally produces.  Bio-identical hormones are the correct way to administer any hormone replacement therapy.

The program at Omaha Med Spa promotes restoration of testosterone levels.  We are not promoting the unnatural use of high levels of testosterone for men or women.  We are promoting wellness by restoring your testosterone to optimal levels that occured naturally when you were younger.  The use of excessive dosing of testosterone replacment can result in unwanted side effects such as acne, thinning of scalp hair, unwanted facial hair in women and aggressive behavior changes – and that is not we do.  Doctor Abbott believes in safe rebalancing of hormone wellness.

Women who need supplemental estrogen and progesterone may receive those prescriptions from Dr. Abbott while they are on testosterone pellet therapy.

Testosterone combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise will help women lose stubborn mid-body fat

Testosterone combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise will help women lose stubborn mid-body fat

What is “pellet therapy”?  Pellets are small and cylindrical.  We use testosterone pellets that are produced in the USA by approved compounding pharmacies.  Only pharmacies that provide quality assurance are used for our program.  The pellets are produced from plant sources.  Pellet therapy is not a new concept, or procedure – it has been used for decades!  What is new and different is Dr. Abbott’s approach – come in for a free consultation and he will explain what sets him apart from other health care providers.

What is the advantage of testosterone pellets over injections, creams or gels?  Testosterone pellets are the best way to ensure that testosterone enters your body.  The release of testosterone is at a steady rate, day and night.  At times of increased physical activity, the blood flow increases around the pellets, and there is an increased rate of testosterone release, to match your physiologic needs.  Once the pellets are placed under your skin, they will last for 3 to 4 months. It is best to repeat the procedure every 3-4 months to avoid a “testosterone crash” that can lead to a return of “Low-T” symptoms.  The procedure is done in the med spa, under numbing and takes about 10 minutes.  Once the pellets are placed, they start working right away.  There is nothing more for you to do, or remember for the next several months – no creams or gels to remember, and no painful injections into the buttock every week!

For men and women over age 35 looking to improve their relationships

What does the FDA say about Testosterone Pellets?  The FDA has approved the use of testosterone pellets under the brand name Testopel™.  The reason that I do not use Testopel™ is that there is only one dose of testosterone pellet that is available.  By using a compounding pharmacy, we are able to use a variety of strengths of pellets to total the dose that is needed for each individual.  The use of testosterone pellets produced by compounding pharmacies has not been submitted to the FDA, but their use is commonplace and well accepted by the medical community.

How and Where are the testosterone pellets inserted?  The pellet insertion procedure is performed at Omaha Med Spa.  We use the upper buttock area, just behind the hip.  With a patient laying on their side, the skin is cleansed, and a local anesthetic (numbing) is used to make the procedure “pain-free”.  After the area is numb, we use sterile procedure to make a small incision of the skin.  A small sterile instrument called a “trochar” is then placed, and this allows for insertion of the pellets.  After the trochar is removed, the small incision is covered with a dressing.  For several days after the pellets are placed, we ask you to moderate your activities.  All of this information is covered in detail with our “Consent Form” and “Home Care Instructions”.

Where does Dr. Abbott obtain the testosterone pellets?  Bio-identical testosterone is turned into pellets, and then sterilized for safe use.  All of our pellets are produced in the USA under strict controls.  This assures that we use a product that is high quality and purity.

Why is the price for testosterone pellets so much better at Omaha Med Spa?  Omaha Med Spa does not have to pay a licensing fee to another company for each patient that we treat (such is the case with BioTE or SottoPelle).  We set our own prices, and pass the savings on to you. I own my own program and protocols.  Your results with my program and equal to, or better, than other hormone pellet programs.

Testosterone improve sleep in both men and women

Testosterone improve sleep in both men and women

Testosterone Pricing - I can guarantee to you that my pricing for testosterone pellet therapy is very competitive.  In addition, you are receiving high quality testosterone pellets produced in the USA.  And the procedure to insert the pellets is done by a qualified doctor.

Pellet Insertion Fee –  $275 for women    $525 for men

The Pellet Insertion Fee covers:

  • The cost of the testosterone pellets that are ordered in your name from the pharmacy that we order from
  • The cost of the office visit and procedure to have the pellets inserted
  • Follow-up care as needed
  • Telephone follow-up at 1 week and 6 weeks after each pellet insertion visit

At this low price, we do not bill health insurance plans for the testosterone, or the pellet insertion procedure.  If you request, we can provide you a receipt for your services and you can submit the cost to your health insurance, Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account.

Plan on your pellets lasting for 3 months, and sometimes 4-5 months.

Annual Fee Option*is available after you have completed one pellet insertion procedure, and you determine that you want to continue with the benefits of testosterone therapy

Men – $140/month*      Women – $80/month*

*Annual fee covers the cost of 3 testosterone pellet insertions, one set of annual labs and one set of 6 week follow-up labs

Patient Review – “Omaha Med Spa is the only place I go for any of my treatments. Dr. Abbott and his staff treat me with respect and are some of the most professional people I have worked with.  I have never had a problem with anything I’ve had done and would not go anywhere else.  I highly recommend them!  Omaha Med Spa is the only place I spend my money!” L.J. man, age 46

Testosterone helps with work outs to build muscles and reduce recovery time

Testosterone helps with work outs to build muscles and reduce recovery time

Why should I select Dr. Abbott and Omaha Med Spa for Testosterone Replacement?  You have several clinics in the Omaha area that now offer bio-identical testosterone pellet therapy.  Dr. Abbott takes care to avoid giving you too much testosterone, that can lead to unwanted side effects.  He orders all of the blood tests that are needed to keep the program safe and effective.  His procedures are constantly improved to enhance your experience. We also guarantee that we offer the most affordable price for our testosterone pellet program.

OK – I am ready to come in for a Consultation. What is the next step?  Call the staff at Omaha Med Spa.  Phone 402-614-5556.  Or email us at omahamedspa@gmail.com   We will arrange for you to come in for your visit.  Please complete the Low Testosterone Questionnaire (see top of this page) and bring it to your visit.  To save even more of your time, please visit our web page entitled “Forms”.  Print off the New Patient Registration Form, complete it at home and bring it with you to your consultation.  After your consultation, if you wish to proceed further, we will arrange for your lab testing.  Once the labs results are in, they are reviewed by Dr. Abbott and we will call you to discuss them. Many patients have the lab work done before the consultation so that the test results can be discussed in person with Dr. Abbott.  If you proceed to a pellet insertion visit, we will order your testosterone prescription and your pellets will be ready for your insertion visit.

When you want to order your lab tests with your doctor  You may also provide us with a set of annual labs that were obtained by your doctor or primary care provider.  We require the following:  Men – CBC, CMP, TSH, Total & Free Testosterone, Estradiol, PSA

Women – CBC, CMP, TSH, Total & Free Testosterone, Estradiol

Find our “Forms” page at www.carterabbottmedspa.com/forms




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